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Little Miss Vitz’s First Outing into the Kenyan Wilderness

Ok, perhaps a¬†slightly¬†exaggerated title BUT Little Miss Vitz did make her first outing out of Nairobi and there were those who said that the road was too windy and too rough for her to make it. Originally I asked to … Continue reading

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The Mating Dance of the Somali Ostrich

As I left the office, I saw a huge black cloud descend over Nairobi. Yes, perfectly timed for Friday rush hour. Now I am not sure whether Nairobian’s handling of rain has ever come up in a previous blog posting. … Continue reading

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The ICC Obsession

I have been given the tip and the request to update my blog more regularly. I have been told that it will also help increase the readership of my blog. So perhaps this is high time again to make another … Continue reading

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