On Ghosts and Road Accidents

I have just come back from a wonderful weekend in Nairobi where I indulged in the four S’s: Straight Roads, Steaks, Shopping and Sushi. It was wonderful! But of course, I have spent the last three months without being stuck in a traffic jam. So surprise, another blog posting on Nairobi’s traffic/driving in nairobi.

On my way from the airport, we got caught in the first traffic jam of many that weekend. So I opened my taxi driver’s copy of the Daily Nation and perused what had been happening in Kenya. The front page was dedicated to the ICC trials (some things never change)  and page two had an article about matatu drivers, which said, the following:

“When a wave of road accidents in which several people died hit the country recently, they took the flak. And some matatu operators now agree that only divine intervention can save the sector. On Thursday, more than 100 matatu drivers and conductors held prayers in Meru to exorcise the ghosts that have been behind numerous accidents in the area. The drivers say they cannot not explain why there were so many accidents there.”

I am just going to go out on a limb and put forward an alternative hypothesis to ghosts being explanation for why there are so many accidents caused by matatu drivers: because matutu drivers in Kenya drive like absolute maniacs, thinking they own the road, at speeds that far exceed even the pretend speed limit on Kenya’s roads and without heed to anyone or anything.  You see, I always thought my time in the Kenyan government  may have been better spent advising the Ministry of Transport.


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One Response to On Ghosts and Road Accidents

  1. Nantume says:

    Having also just returned from Nairobi, Astrid has my full sympathy. The newspaper article is priceless, and shows the level of desperation!

    If it makes you feel any better, Astrid, Kampala is worse!

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