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On why we need to find a translation for Austrian in more languages….

Conversation with my colleague over a beer, after a long day in the field: Colleague: The ladies in your last focus group were so excited to see you. Me: Why? Colleague: Because you were a woman and I told them … Continue reading

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Uganda’s Finest Bouquet

Didn’t know Uganda produced wine? Well, neither did I. But yesterday, I had the very special chance to try some Ugandan wine when a friend of mine brought a bottle of Rozelle, Fine Country Wine, to a party. Amazed by … Continue reading

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Definition of Exasperation

Yesterday, I finally went to Konyo Konyo market in Juba to buy some fabric to make curtains for my house. I like going to the markets – ┬áthere is a wild array of things being sold from tacky (REALLY tacky) … Continue reading

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