Uganda’s Finest Bouquet

Didn’t know Uganda produced wine? Well, neither did I. But yesterday, I had the very special chance to try some Ugandan wine when a friend of mine brought a bottle of Rozelle, Fine Country Wine, to a party.

Amazed by the prospect of Ugandan wine, I decided to ask her where she had purchased this rare gem. She told me that she had gone to the local shack on the road that sells alcohol and asked them whether they had wine, to which they responded no. But my friend persisted and pointed at the bottles on the top row and enquired whether that was not wine. Ahhh yes, they said, that was wine. So she bought a bottle to the party.

Now, I dont think I have ever seen grapes growing in Uganda so we perused the ingredients of said Rozelle Wine:

So Ugandan wine is brewed from hibiscus. The rest of the label, however, is what I had a slight issue with as I am not sure I would call what I had an “elegant taste” nor would I use the word “enjoy” to describe my drinking of the wine. It did have a “natural aroma” – somewhat comparable to vinegar. And I really don’t think they need to worry about anyone drinking this wine excessively – in fact, it is probably a good way to actually prevent them doing so. I do think, however, they have found a niche market though for having made a wine that you can enjoy with “nyama choma.”

Moral of the story? When the guy at the shack tells you he has no wine, you take his word for it.

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5 Responses to Uganda’s Finest Bouquet

  1. Nantume says:

    Having read this priceless account, and as a Ugandan, I think I my loyalties will remain with the locally-brewed beer! Hats off and thanks to your friend who persisted and gave you the opportunity to sample, and hence post this superb blog!

    Clearly, the moral of the story should be taken seriously!

  2. Tracy says:

    OMG, Astrid, this is one the best things I have read in a long while. Thank you. I have finally found something to replace Uganda Waragi in ‘sackets’ since the sackets became illegal in so many places.

  3. Nantume says:

    Further to my previous blog, could it be that you drank perhaps the wine in question in excessive quantities, as the label warns clearly people not do so! The warning stands, however, at the very bottom of the label and could be easily overlooked! The producers seem to be following a variation on the theme displayed on cigarette packets.

  4. Kate Black says:

    Ah, that’s fantastic. Everyone has to find their target audience. Hope all is well!

  5. Pauline says:

    Seeing your article made me terribly nostalgic — I bought this wine once in Yei and thought it was disgusting! I was similarly surprised that Uganda produced “wine”… !

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