It has been a while…

… I was not sure whether people were reading my blog. So I stopped writing it and updated my facebook instead. There it is easier to see if people are reading or not due to the “like” button. However, I have had requests from 3 of my most avid readers not to discontinue my blog. So here I am reattempting posting it again. And in the words of one wise reader, “even if you do not write it about other people, write it for yourself because some of the things you are experiencing, you just cannot even make up.” True. So the next few blog posts (by which I mean approximately the next 17 because thats the list of events I think are worth reporting on) will backtrack on the last 4ish months I haven’t been writing and tell you the stories of what I have been up to. I am starting writing it all up today because its a public holiday. Yup, SPLA day (oh and yes, given my love for travel, this may not be obvious, but  I am still in South Sudan).

Happy/Merry (?!) SPLA Day to all of you.

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