Oh. My.

I have just come back from immigration to register, for which you now have to fill out a 2 page form and provide 3 passport photographs and pay another fee (surprise – although you do get a sticker in return), attach your CV, work permit, copy of your masters degree certificate, NGO permit etc… (it baffles me where all that paper is stored) and visit 3 different officials, 2 of which share one desk (regardless of which you still have to line up for them separately).

Person number 3 is the person who puts the information in the computer. This was my conversation with person number 3 when he was going through my stack of paperwork:

Immigration Official: What is this?

Me: My work permit.

Immigration Official: Really? I have not seen one before.

Me: But you work in immigration?**

Immigration Official: It seems not many people get work permits.


**Yes, I know, that is me trying to be logical again. Not sure why I do it.

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3 Responses to Oh. My.

  1. Nantume says:

    Sorry, but I can’t get my head around this. Does this imply that according to No. 3, every foreigner working in Juba, except for you, is working illegally?! Let me try another angle – could it be that your work permit looks different from all others and the poor man had seriously not come across one like yours?!

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