Photo Interlude

I realize I posted the last post too hastily missing out the bit of “what did Asti do over her Christmas holidays.” Because for all of you reading this blog, I am sure you realize that I take my holidays very seriously, using each minute to the max. Thus the itinerary of my Christmas holiday was as follows:

Juba –> Cairo –> Vienna –> Frankfurt –> (**first business class upgrade ever = amazingness**) Buenos Aires –> Colonia –> Montevideo –> Punta del Este –> Buenos Aires –> Frankfurt –> Vienna –> Cairo –> Juba

And as I always say, I am incredibly lucky to see so many beautiful places in the world. So this blog post is a photo interlude of my Christmas Holiday and my first (but definitely not last) trip to South America.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires Skyline from the Buquebus Ferry

Best. Steak. Ever.
And then I went to Uruguay….

And of course there was a tango, which was mesmerizing.

Colonia, Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay

They love their mate tea.

In preparation for the new year, people rip up the previous year’s calendars and throw them out into the street.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Not a bad place to spend the first day of 2012.

The wiggly bridge of Punta del Este.

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