The Great Austrian Australian Divide

Its difficult to backtrack on my entries as I have to keep up with posting all the things going on too. Apparently having amazing conversations, that I could genuinely not make up if I tried, do not come to a halt just because I need to update my blog for the past 4 months of events….

For instance, yesterday evening (after I had come home from immigration and had this conversation), I was admiring my garden which my night guard has so fantastically prepared right in time for the rainy season (by the way, my night guard is awesome in general!).  Whilst I was admiring the garden, my day guard came to me and we had this conversation:

Day Guard: Where is your farm located?

Me: I don’t have a farm.

Day Guard: But I thought you were African? You look African.

Me: Yes, I am half African. My mother is from Uganda. And my father is a Khawaja (= muzungu = white person) from Austria.

Day Guard: Ahhhh I have an Aunt living in Australia.

Me: Not Australia. Austria. They are two different countries. Austria is a country in Europe and Australia is a large island country on the other side of the world.

Day Guard contemplates this for a moment.

Day Guard: Ahhh ok. Austria and Australia. It is like North and South Sudan right?

Not quite.

But imagine what history books would say if it was the case……

The Great Austrian Australian Divide

After decades of tension and civil war, Australia decided to secede from Austria. As they decided that they could truly not be situated next to each other anymore, Australia picked up its country and moved it as far away as possible to an island in the middle of a large ocean on the other side of the world.

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