Oh Georgie Boy

Yay, people are reading my blog. I got to triple figure viewership for the first time ever. And also, lots of lovely messages from people saying they like reading my blog and yes, I should continue. Thank you all  – that is the encouragement I need so yes, I will continue.

As you may all know or not know, living in a post-conflict country/disaster zone does have some benefits attached to it. One of them being that there is usually a celebrity associated with saving it. Sean Penn is saving Haiti, Angelina Jolie is saving multiple places/the world,  and we here in South Sudan get the pleasure of being saved by the one and only George Clooney (and on that note, I would like to state for the record, that I did not choose to live in South Sudan based on the fact that it is being saved by one of the best looking men in the world, but it is definitely an additonal bonus).

At this juncture I would like to insert the celebrity recolonization map of Africa to better illustrate what I am describing… and also, because I do find it pretty entertaining :

(Source: motherjones.com)

A couple of months ago, the moment we (more precisely, all female expat aid workers) had been waiting for arrived:  Georgie came to visit again. And we all remember the last time he came to visit and he contracted that ultra rare and unknown disease, which made headlines on a surprising number of news networks and of course a whole host of women’s magazines. Yup, that’s right. George Clooney had malaria!!

But he fought it off and decided to venture back to South Sudan. So, for once in my life I knew where Georgie was located. I mean the exact continent, country, city and even room (ok, yes, I do know where he is when the Oscars are on too, but its not the same thing).

I had all the necessary material to stalk him (for a picture….).

But of course. The day I had all the information was also the first ever day I had a security-imposed curfew and had to stay inside (the downside of living in a post-conflict country).

Oh life’s irony.


(On a more serious note I would like to direct your attention to an open letter published to George Clooney in the Sudan Tribune by Sudan Change Now and  article published in the Guardian entitled George Clooney Isn’t Helping Sudan as two articles on why, although even with the best of intentions, celebrities do not always help. And, for those who you who subscribe to  The New Yorker, to show not all celebrities are always filled with the best intentions.)

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One Response to Oh Georgie Boy

  1. Nantume says:

    Makes me wonder whether I bought the Nespresso coffee machine because it was the best, or because I had visions of Georgie Boy advertising it!

    The embedded articles are food for thought.

    As an aside, I am so happy that the world has finally discovered your great site – The World and I. I mourned its retirement, and I am thrilled to see that it has been revived, as it has certainly opened up the world for me, as I hope it does for others.

    What is so special about your blogs, is that behind the wit, is a passion and love for the people and countries in which you live – in particular, South Sudan!

    Keep them going, Astrid!

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