Guest House Etiquette

Going to the field made me realize a whole other post that I had to write. This one is about the do’s and don’ts of staying in a guest house in South Sudan. And don’t you worry, there will always be a very long list on the wall of your room with pretty meticulous instructions.

For example, the guest house I was staying in this past week had this list up on the wall:

Yes, you will indeed notice that point number 4  reminds you thto leave your “arms and ammunitions” with the authorities:

And point number 11 kindly requests you:

Aka a sneaky way on how to save paying your cleaners.

But really, the award for the hands down best rules and regulations goes to the guest house I stayed in when I was in Kaya (a border town on the Ugandan/DRC/South Sudan border):

So for the next I will remember to bring my keys for the room I booked in my “hand bay”. I will also refrain from any anti social behaviours that do not correspond to “sociaty” in order to promote a “conductive atmosphere”  in the guest house. And I will only stay in a room with someone who is my wife and only my wife. No wait. I can’t because that would mean two people of the same-sex sleeping in my room. And we all know that destroys the “furnitures”.

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2 Responses to Guest House Etiquette

  1. Nantume says:

    If it weren’t for the evidence, I would be forced to believe that you were making these up.
    I need help on the same sex furniture destruction connection!

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