I know that given news reports, there are readers who are worried about safety about living in South Sudan. However, as you know from this previous blog posting,  we receive daily security updates to inform us of any incidents.

Well yesterday’s security report contained the following very serious incident:

Be advised that the NGO Secretariat has received many reports of a local woman in Juba who has turned into a snake after stealing some money. Reportedly, the woman was detained by SSPS and held at Malakia Police Station, where hundreds of Juba residents gathered to see it. There are unconfirmed reports that the UN, operating under its mandate to protect civilians, has flown the serpent woman out of South Sudan. NGOs that may be unfamiliar with this report may wish to inquire with their staff. The NGO Secretariat will provide more information as it becomes available.

Yes, Juba has a case of the snake-woman/woman-snake or shall we say womanaconda!! SCARY.

But there was a second part to the security update too:

Due to the widespread belief of this rumor, I feel obliged to clarify that the report mention above is not true.

Thank goodness. That really had me worried for a minute.

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3 Responses to Womanaconda

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  2. rena says:

    its been showing on NBS television in kampaka, widely circulating in uganda/kampala that the UN has flown the womanaconda out of south sudan,but then connected to the witchman/woman who asked for his money 50000usd and 100 fressian cows,,to heal the situation back to normal,,but UN on taking the condition,the man switched off all his cellphones and now the woman,s breast has pealed off,,she has laid eggs,The woman’s mother has been shown crying fawl and pleading to the world to heal back her daughter,my goodness what happening to security in uganada,ss,africa as awhole,how can such atele spread to the ears of generations,,and we are just paying attention to the fake media..HELP US ALL

  3. opio okol says:

    the only medicine for such situations is a strong prayer, she will be well with prayer……i pray for her…..Amen

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