Not to harp on about the issues…

… but really, I have to.

Terms associated with the snake woman are still the  highest trending searches leading to my blog. Therefore, I feel compelled to add one additional tidbit to the story. I recently found out from one of my taxi drivers,  that the police at the station where the snake-woman was supposedly being held started charging the crowds of people to go in and take a glimpse of the woman! Yes, 10 SSP bought you entrance into the station to see….. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. But I do applaud the police force for having seized a business opportunity (business opportunities are not always spotted that quickly as this blog post attests to).

And whilst Juba is grappling with snake woman, another issue that continues its high trend on the Austrian news is… yes you guessed it: COWS.

The parallel between Austria and South Sudan in terms of their obsession with cows is really becoming uncanny. In both places stories surrounding cows make headlines.

Unfortunately in South Sudan more often than not it has to do with cattle raiding.

But in Austria, well there it is all about the run away cows. Case in point, headline news today on (translated):

Ivan the Bull has been Caught

Yup, Ivan the Bull who has been on the run for a couple of months was finally caught using the decoy cow Mandy. Apparently, Ivan could not resist her charm and was tempted out of his hiding. He was caught at 4 am in the morning whilst snuggling with Mandy across a fence.

I am not kidding – this is indeed the story that made headlines on the websites of Austria’s largest public and arguably reputable news agency.

Which is why the tag line of this blog is: Because I could not make these things up.

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