TSSS 2012

The South Sudanese entertainment industry, like the nation, is growing. And I love it.

For example, some of you may have read about the South Sudanese troop that performed Cymbeline in the Globe Theatre.

More locally, South Sudan is jumping on the global bandwagon of producing its own talent search show: Talent Search South Sudan (TSSS) 2012.

And yesterday we went to Nykuron Cultural Centre to watch one of the episodes being recorded.

It was fabulous.

The stage was set.

Then the night started with the show’s host apologizing for not being able to complete the recording of last week’s episode due to the power going out and the generator breaking.

Of course.

Overall there were 23 contestants, but this time we were watching, they were already down to 10.

Yes you will note that there are only 2 women.

However, I would say they have a slight advantage as about 80% of the audience are men.

During the show, judges had to continuously remind the audience that it is not ok to wander up on stage and shove money into the pockets of contestants.

But it continued to happen anyway – and required police intervention.

There were some really good acts (here a personal favourite of mine – Nop Kur who performed Eminen for this particular recording):

And some less good contestants.

The less good ones are then chosen by the panel of 3 judges to go on “probabtion.”

You then have to text to save which ever contestant you wanted to save. Given that I have never been to a live recording of any of these shows before, I felt it was my duty to send in my text message.

Of course.

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