Photo Interlude – Gorillas

Finally, finally I have fulfilled another travel dream and checked off another box of things I absolutely had to do in my life: I went Gorilla trekking in Rwanda. It is a very special experience when you finally stand face to face with them. It is in fact incredible – they display so many of the traits that we humans do. They are much shorter and fatter than I imagined them to be (I guess my views have been tainted by King Kong?!). You are also supposed to keep at least 7 meters distance. But especially the little ones are so inquisitive that they come right up to you. Therefore, before I continue with my usual anecdotal blogging, I give you some of my favorite photos from the Ntaramba Gorilla Group, Volcanos National Park, Rwanda.

But because I cannot quite resist, here is one interesting (unverified and probably not verifiable because I cannot imagine its true) fact that our guide Fidel gave us. And really it is something more interesting for my female readership: He said that 85% of gorilla babies born are male!! As I said, somehow I am not sure that is quite true – but really ladies, imagine the choice that would give you!

Itchy Back


Oooooo Gorilla!

Mr. Silverback was done with us taking photos of him.

Inquisitive Babes


Whatchya lookin at


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One Response to Photo Interlude – Gorillas

  1. Nantume says:

    If only I were a gorilla!
    Anecdotes apart, the photos are superb.

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