Djibowling – Subtitle: Employment Creation

I have to clarify the title. I actually took the name of this post from the bowling alley in Djibouti – which really, I should have mentioned in my post on Djibouti because I actually think is probably the best name for a bowling alley. Ever.

In fact, this post is actually about bowling in Kigali, which is what I did on my trip to Rwanda. It looked like most standard bowling alleys I have been to in the world. Except for one difference…


Unfortunately it is not a clear photo. But if you do look carefully in the background, you will see a hand popping out. To our great surprise, instead of having the usual machine to pick up, clear and replace the pins, it was in fact a person. A form of employment creation…with a catch…

So Iets just say that I was not blessed with bowling genes. I usually manage to get most of my bowling balls straight into the gutter. However, around game six of the games I was playing with friends in Kigali I threw the ball saw its path (once again) straight to the gutter so turned my back to it and walked away. Once I got back to the seats, however, I noticed 4 pins had fallen over. Excited that I had potentially managed some super spin on my ball that had swerved from the gutter and actually hit some pins, I did my little happy dance.

BUT to my dismay it was only Mr. “Bowling Pin Retriever” (actually, what would one call that job?!) hand which had popped out a little too early and knocked the pins down. My ball had indeed once again gone down the gutter and I had once again achieved 0 points.


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One Response to Djibowling – Subtitle: Employment Creation

  1. Nantume says:

    Never under-estimate a hand!

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