Lost Luggage

Readers of this blog will know that when I have a holiday, I don’t tend to sit around  but rather use the time to travel around the world some more. Therefore, at sometime around Easter, there was a three week period where my itinerary (including conferences) looked as folllows:

Juba –> Cairo –> Rome –> Bologna –> Rome –> Cairo –> Juba –> Addis Ababa –> Accra –> Lisbon –> Vienna –>Frankfurt –> Addis Ababa –> Juba

As the title of this post hints, guess which part of this slightly complex itinerary my luggage managed to get lost? Yes, you’ve guessed it.  On the 30 min flight between Bologna and Rome.

Grazie Alitalia.

After spending 2 hours (i.e. 4 x my flight time) queueing at the lost luggage counter (apparently Alitalia has a slight habit of losing luggage) my conversation went something like this:

Lost Luggage Officer (LLO): Fill out the form and we will send your luggage to you.

Me: But Sir, I have a slight challenge as my next flight is via Cairo to Juba.

LLO: Where?

Me: Juba, South Sudan.

LLO: Ahhhh (confused look on his face). Is that a city Alitalia flies to?

No sir. Unfortunately, Alitalia does not yet fly to the metropolitan hub that is Juba.

But what reminded me of this story today, was the fact that my Dad sent me a cartoon that very much exemplifies the anecdote above:

Source: American Scientist

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