Photo Interlude – Ethiopia

As alluded to in the last post, I spent a couple of days over the Easter break visiting a dear friend in Ethiopia. During this trip I was in Addis Ababa, then spent a few days at Lake Langano and then took a day trip to Lake Wenchi (a crater lake).

Before the trip, I decided to go to the Ethiopian Embassy to get my visa as I heard rumours that there were plans to stop issuing tourist visas at the airport. Given the fickleness of the immigration regulations in South Sudan that I was used to, I figured it would do no harm to get my visa before. That and also really the novelty of going to an embassy in Juba to get a visa issued.

So off I went with my forms, photos and money. When I got to the counter (read: wooden table in the middle of the room), I put forward my request for a visa. The consular official looked at me and inquired why I was getting a visa. I told him that according to the Ethiopian Immigration Department, I needed one.

Immigration Official: But you look Ethiopian. You are sure you are not?

I guess the South Sudanese Immigration Officials are not the only ones to judge nationality on looks.

Lake Langano

Lake Wenchi

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One Response to Photo Interlude – Ethiopia

  1. d_shijie says:

    ha! i have been to lake langano too (spent a few nights on its banks at the end of a 4-week trip through ethiopia… very nice quiet eco-resort there)… and i have a feeling we went to that crater lake too. fascinating trip it was, amazing history (which has luckily survived) and great landscape…

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