On Jackets

What’s the one item of clothing that you really, really do not need in South Sudan in the middle of June?

Yes, that’s right. A red furry Santa Clause jacket.

A particularly persistent street vendor in Morobo thought otherwise and felt that the one thing missing in my wardrobe was indeed such a jacket. Why, I am not particularly sure.

So after trying to convince him that I really did not need it, especially at the fairly hefty price of 25 USD, my colleague decided a change of tactic was needed. He suggested that he would take a picture of it so that I could consider it for the rest of the day and in case I changed my mind, we would come back and find him.

He happily concurred with this compromise solution – and even modeled it for us.


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One Response to On Jackets

  1. Nantume says:

    I suppose another way of looking at this is wearing swimwear on the Antartika!

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