The Power of Prayer

I just spent the past week in Kenya as part of orientation and training for my new job. Being back in Nairobi reminds me of the retrospectively entertaining, times I spent working there. I looked back over my blog notes that I had for Kenya and came across one story that definitely needs to be published.

And that is on the power of prayer.

Before any meeting, conference or workshop we had in the Kenyan Government, there was always an opening prayer. This was not a quick affair, but for the person selected to lead the prayer, it was associated with much thought, creativity and the task of invoking high expectations for outcomes.

Usually this meant that the person would pray for God to lead us to successful conclusion of the meeting. The more ambitious would pray for a resolution for some of the agenda points that lay on the table.

However, one particular opening prayer I remember well was before a regional workshop. The person tasked with leading the prayer, prayed that the outcomes of the workshop would be so fruitful that they would be on par with Moses parting the Red Sea

And as if to emphasize the enormity of the task  that lay before us, the workshop organizers proceeded to follow the opening prayer by playing the theme tune to Mission Impossible.

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One Response to The Power of Prayer

  1. Nantume says:

    THIS blog is impossible!!
    Astrid, do you think the others in the room got the irony?
    I am convinced that all your blogs need to be published.

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