The Royal Ascot Goat Races


The Friday before last I got a emails, text messages and phone calls reminding me of the “Goat Races” the next day. One of the annual highlights of Kampala’s social calendar.  I did double check whether “Goat Races” actually involved goats racing.

It did.

And not only goats racing but ladies in fancy dresses and big hats (and men dressed to tees too).

What is funny though, was that my first thought about goat racing was thinking back to all those times we had to manoever our cars around the goats in the road in South Sudan or even get out to physically move them out of the way because they would not move for a massive 4 by 4 vehicle. How on earth were goats going to race?


Yes, they were motivated/encouraged along the track by a man pushing a mattress (note to self for the next time I take a road trip in South Sudan: attach a mattress to the front of the car).

You could also bet on the goats.

Given my little knowledge of the attributes one should look for in a fast goat, I went for either names I liked (e.g. the Goat called Kiprotich) or my lucky number 2. In the last race my lucky number won at odds 6:1 and I not only won back, but actually doubled my investments of the day!!

Oh and on goat names: The name of the day has to go to the poor goat called “Goat Stew” (who incidentally won his race). The only name that I can think of that may possibly be on par (or worse?) than that: Nyama Choma.

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