You’ve Got To Pay For That

Our exploration of the range of cooking fuels and other energy generation methods in Austria sparked my boda guy’s interest in finding out more about Austria.  Therefore, a couple of days later on one of our daily rides to work, he asked

Madam, can I ask you another question about your country? I mean your country Austria?

Kudos to him, he has got Austria right every single time we have talked. Again, I encouraged him to ask away.

In Austria and in Europe, when you get married, does the man have to pay his wife’s family so he can marry her?

I told him that in general, we did not pay dowry in Austria or in Europe (by the way, the fact that he followed Austria up with a reference to Europe shows he knows Austria – I am very proud).

Eeeeeeesssshhhhhh. But Madam, that is not ok. A wife produces for her husband and for her village. Without a wife, a husband would have no children. You always pay for someone that produces for you. So it is not ok not for a husband to take a wife without paying the family. Not ok.

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3 Responses to You’ve Got To Pay For That

  1. Nantume says:

    Roland is showing signs of honesty (didn’t cheat you on your first ride); love of Austria and geography in general; environmental awareness; and last but not least, pay-back vs. procreation!! I have to meet your Roland!

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