There are issues I have with some of his policies and like with a lot of first term Obama supporters, there are many issues where I wish he had done more or taken a stronger stance.

That being said, I am still an Obama supporter through and through. And the alternative is shocking in my mind, for many reasons,  but especially for the fact that I am a woman.

So once again, I take great pride in throwing myself fully into an election I cannot vote in. (I do love me a good American Election) and make my Obama support very vocal and clear.

And it also the reason this post is coming to you at 4:15 am in the morning from Mbale, Eastern Uganda. There is no power in my room (and maybe a mouse). However, I have my faithful Macbook Air super battery, my Orange modem (+extra airtime) and my Ribena juicebox.

All you need to stream election results.


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One Response to GO OBAMA!!

  1. Nantume says:

    Obama deserves your vote under these technical circumstances!!
    I join you in your vote, and am thrilled to see that our external backing produced the results.

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